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What AICPT do?

AICPT share new ideas and expert from Physical Therapists about how they would like to develop their service.

AICPT give support through its organisation in the field of education, practice, research & policy with the best person to help like the following.

  • expanding physical therapy expertise in a particular area, such as oncology;
  • supporting international efforts, for example in response to polio outbreaks;
  • extending research collaboration;
  • supporting researchers;
  • provide recognition to the institution, college & university;
  • support service Networking among the Physical Therapist;
  • register membership online;

AICPT is developed to harness the expertise of physical therapists in support of the profession around the Countries. 

“It is a valuable resource for AICPT, its member, subgroups and regions and individual physical therapists as well as Organisations seeking physical therapist expertise,” “The areas of expertise offered are broad, covering education, global health, professional issues, professional practice and research.”

We co-ordinate the programme with local state government and centre for the development, promotion and research of the Indian Physical Therapist. We hear and try to improve the service of Physical Therapist. This is a single organisation in India to follow the status of physical therapist.  We’re very keen to hear from those who feel they have something to offer in the way of special knowledge, or from those who have ideas of how they would like to see the service develop. We are also the international voice for physical therapist.

On behalf of its members, AICPT undertakes a range of projects and supports international campaigns to promote the physical therapy profession and its contribution to global health.  It encourages high standards of physical therapy research, education and practice. 

As a AICPT member, your membership is recognised as the sole authoritative body for physical therapy in your country, with access to a wide range of benefits..